An independent expert such as Zoë who understands investment issues can assist and provide a degree of reassurance that clients can be confident that their wealth is securely held. A bespoke and comprehensive yet accessible report encompasses the below.

For your
new clients

Manager Selection & Fee Negotiation

Our independent selection process ensures managers are recommended solely on merit.  Castellet has an extensive international network of long-standing relationships with managers from small boutique firms to large institutions, ensuring that the right ‘match’ will be found for your client. We are also able to negotiate fee rates at lower rates than published scales.

Objective Setting & Risk Profiling

The structure of the agreed investment portfolio is critical to the realisation of a client’s objectives  The early establishment of an investor’s risk profile is crucial to the process in order to ensure that the level of anticipated return may be realistically achieved. Circumstances change over time so objectives should be regularly re-assessed to ensure ongoing suitability of the underlying investment strategy.

For your existing clients

Investment Reviews

A comprehensive yet accessible report provides:

  • Assessment of an investment manager’s adherence to a client’s objective and risk profile
  • Suitability assessment of underlying assets & portfolio structure
  • Monitoring of absolute & relative performance returns and fee levels


  • Assistance with cash management utilising long-standing relationships within the  global private banking network
  • Incorporation of alternative assets such as art and property through our trusted advisor community
  • Face-to-face meetings between Castellet, the client, investment manager and underlying client, will enable investment matters to be fully and clearly discussed by all parties.  

Remedial Action

Areas identified for remedial action during a review may include misunderstanding of objectives and risk profile, an over reliance on in-house products and high initial and ongoing charges which can significantly reduce performance returns.

In summary, our service aims to ensure that portfolios are suitably invested and managed efficiently in a cost effective way, and often results in considerable fee savings for our clients.